How to Filter Prefixes with Distribute-list


Can a distribuite-list on a stub eigrp router work as a leak-map feature?


Hello Giovanni

A leak-map in EIGRP is specifically configured using the leak-map keyword as part of the ip summary-address command as described in the following lesson:

Can you give us an example of what you had in mind when you considered a distribute-list as a leak-map feature? Provide a sample topology so that we can further discuss it…

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Does anyone know if its possible to filter default gateways when redistributing between different EIGRP Autonomous systems ? I tested it in a GNS3 lab and to my surprise it seemed to work but I’m wondering is there a definitive proven way to do this.
I need to put this into production.

The issue is I have a network in two different cities. Lets say city A is running EIGRP AS 100 and city B is running Eigrp AS 200.
AS 100 has its own local default gateway pointing to a firewall and similarily AS 200 has its own local default gateway pointing to its local firewall.

I want to “merge” the AS 100 and AS 200 together by redistributing between each other on a single switch and this is all good and easy but I dont want each AS to know about the others default gateway so they will still use the correct one.

Has anyone any experience of this and am I overlooking anything ? as i mentioned when I labbed it up it seemed to work as expected first try.


Hello Sean

Your description and design approach is sound. I have not personally had experience with this specific arrangement, however, it is standard procedure, even to filter out default routes.

EIGRP allows you to filter using various methods, including distribute list filtering, prefix list filtering, as well as using route maps.

Because your particular filtering is simple (i.e. it’s just one statement), you can use any of these methods to achieve what you need. And since you’ve done your due diligence and simulated it and everything is working fine, you should be good to go to implement it in your production network. Let us know the results when you implement it!

I hope this has been helpful!


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Thanks Lazarus much appreciated :+1:

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