How to get better in Networking

Hello all, I’ve been in IT for a while but I feel like I don’t have deep Networking knowledge. How can I get better?

Hello Tyron

To get better at networking, it all comes down to gaining experience. Either experience in the field, or experience that comes from study and labbing. Experience from your job just happens because of the everyday contact you have with the subject. When it comes to personal study, however, you should set some goals for yourself.

By setting goals, you have something specific to strive towards, and you can devise a plan that you can follow to achieve that goal. For example, you can set a goal of becoming CCNA certified. Set aside several hours a week to study and do labs. The lessons on the site here are organized in a way that is helpful for you to cover all the topics you need to cover.

Even if you are not interested in the certifications, going through the lessons in this manner will increase your knowledge and skills in networking. Starting off with the topics that cover CCNA is a great way to get the fundamentals down. And one more thing that is important is do a lot of labs! Doing labs is about 60% of the learning process, maybe more. By experiencing how protocols and concepts are applied, and by troubleshooting labs as you create them, you learn the most. At least that’s what I have personally found helpful for me.

There is enough content on the NetworkLessons site to keep you occupied for months or even years if you are up to going through all of the various courses here.

Here are a few lessons that will also help you in your quest to gain more skills and knowledge in networking:

I hope this has been helpful!


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