How to Hook-up a netgear to a Cisco 1841 router for internet

I’m new to networking. I’m using a NetGear wireless router in my home for internet access. i recently bought a Cisco 1841 router which has 1 serial port(T-1 CSU/DSU) and 2 Fast ethernet ports. I’m using a ethernet cable from netgear to 1841 router. I’m looking for exact configuration i need to do on my cisco router for internet access. Any configs or links that direct me in right direction is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Hi Praneeth,

For Internet access on your Cisco router, there’s two things you need:

  • You need a default route on your Cisco router that points to the IP address of your ISP.
  • You need to configure NAT/PAT.

You can find an explanation here:

Cisco IOS Static Route


Hi Praneeth,
I’m new one too but I couldn’t upgrade the latest ISO file.
Do you have the ISO file or any link that I can download?
I did download the ISO file from google search but they all didn’t work.

Hello Quang

Cisco requires that you have an appropriate contract with them in order to download the required IOS files. Unfortunately, we can’t share any IOS files online, however, you may find some solutions that fit your requirements at the GNS3 forum. As the GNS3 simulator requires IOS files to function, you will find that this is a “hot topic” on their forum.

I hope this has been helpful!