How to Set IP address on any interface of a multi-layer switch!

Hello Liz sir!
I have a router 2900 series and a multi-layer switch 3850.
I wanted to connect my router (2900) with multi-layer switch in order to use my multi-layer switch as router for LAB
The question is here that when I go to the interface of switch in order to set IP address on it in order to connect it with router, the IP address command isn’t working please see my output instead of (address) the switch shows me (ip-admission)
Sir, can you please tell me that how to set ip address on any interface of my multi-layer switch in order to connect with router to the other side!
Note: Also I have enable the IP routing command from global configuration mode.



You have to make this port a routed port.

Type no switchport command


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Thank you very much.



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