How to upgrade Cisco IOS Image

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Hello Rene ,
Is there any possiblity to use a SCP Client software on a laptop for example to update IOS on Router1
thank you in advance

Hi Yasser,

That would be nice but unfortunately, this doesn’t work. The SCP server on Cisco IOS doesn’t support this. Only option is to use SCP from the CLI.


Hi Rene !
When we upgrade IOS of router what about configuration ? Is it still the same ?
I know my question not sound technically cuz I’m new to Networking, but please kindly reply my question.

Hi Sovandara,

You don’t have to worry about your configuration. The startup-configuration is saved in the NVRAM, the IOS image is on the flash memory.

Here is a lesson that explains it in detail:


Any documentation how to upgrade Cisco IOS on dual superversior (Hitless)? ASR903?

Hello Pornchai

I don’t believe Rene has documentation on the site for this, however, take a look at the following Cisco documentation:

I hope you find this helpful.


Thank you Lazaros! I just want to confirm that.

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Nice write-up.

I’d like to see you add a few things to this one:

  1. Before configuring the boot system command, you should always remove any existing boot system commands (that point to an existing IOS image(s)). As you’re aware, any new boot system commands are placed AFTER any existing boot system commands.

  2. After doing the above, re-add the existing/old image as a backup in case the new image gets corrupted.

  3. Verify the config register to make sure it’s set for 0x2102 before rebooting to the new image.