How to use Cisco Documentation for CCIE

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Hmm that’s strange, I can see them here. You don’t see them in this article or do other articles have issues too?

I can see. there is no issue.

Nice article. Can you please also write something about study tips for CCIE exam?

Great write up. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks!

It’s a nice article,thanks

Awesome write-up! I’m taking the route/switch lab in May, and I’m still working on using the “DocCD” more as opposed ot Google. Do you have any recommendations on specific configuration guides to which I should practice navigation? I’m thinking those where it’s not obvious under which configuration guide section a particular topic lies.

Hi Tim,

The best way to practice navigation is to to stop using Google and force yourself to use the DocCD 100%. During my studies I had the 12.4T Configuration guide, 3560 Configuration guide and the master index on the toolbar of my webbrowser so I can could open them right away. If you do this for a couple of weeks / months you’ll know exactly where to find each topic and can find it pretty fast :slight_smile:


Thank for advise Rene :slight_smile:

Hi Rene

Will you have the update for the CCIE topics v5 soon?


Hi Marco,

I will, this is what I am working on daily at the moment.


Hi Rene
Thanks for all the awesome work you are doing.
Do you perhaps have an updated version of this section " how to use the DOC CD"?

Hi Joe,

Sorry for the late reply. The new URL is:

I’ll update the article so it has new screenshots.


Hi Guys - why do you think that Cisco allow access to the Products section but not the Technology during the lab exam?

What is there specifically that you can find in the Technology section which can not be found under Products?

Hi Gareth,

Good question, I can’t think of anything. Just like the search function, you can only browse through the site which is a pain. I can’t think of any reason why search is not allowed.


Hi Rene,

I stumbled upon this article. I’ve noticed that out of all CCIE studies many instructors and students emphasize how important is it to know how to use CISCO documentation during the exam but nobody speaks about how useful is it in the real world, is it because not many engineers hardly use it in the real world or they don’t have much faith

Hello Walter

The use of Cisco documentation for the CCIE is of utmost importance because it is your only resource during the exam. Learning how to use it efficiently means the difference between passing and failing. In the real world, Cisco documentation is also important, but it is not as mission critical. You have various additional resources to go to such as forums like this one, consultants, and even colleagues. We all have what I like to call our “Cisco Gurus” which are those people that we go to when we can’t solve a problem or troubleshoot an issue, and I still have a couple of them that I go to from time to time.

So in the real world, although of great importance, Cisco documentation is not the only source of information in your time of need.

Now having said all that, I agree with you that not enough emphasis has been placed on learning how to use Cisco documentation in general, and much of the searching skills I’ve obtained come from trial and error. I believe it is a useful skill that we should all learn.

I hope this has been helpful!


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