HSRP issue

I currently have 2 ISP connected to a switch, with HSRP and BGP configured. There is a track on ISP1 so if link fails ISP 2 kicks in. I tested this and when I brought ISP 1 link down I lost connectivity to ISP 2. Even when I was on the POE which has a connection to both I still couldnt get on to the second ISP. This is a remote connection so I am not consoled on to see whats happening
I attach the config

Hsrp issue.txt (6.7 KB)

Hello Michael

Looking at your configs, there’s no immediate issue that pops up. The problem is either with the HSRP tracking (which seems to be OK and the ISP2 router should become active when the ISP1 link fails), or with the BGP routing. My bet is the latter. I suggest you do one or more of the following:

  1. Find a way to get console access to the devices so you can more clearly troubleshoot the issue. Even if you’re far away, it’s always best practice to have an out of band management access to devices. Temporarily setting up a remote access session (teamviewer, anydesk, etc) on a laptop that’s connected to the devices goes a long way in troubleshooting proceedures.
  2. Cisco has a best practices article concerning the use of HSRP in conjunction with BGP. See the link below. One thing I did notice is that Cisco recommends the use of a route map that appends the local AS to BGP updates sent to the backup ISP using the set as-path prepend in the route map. In the link below, take a look at the config of R2 and the associated route map.

I hope this has been helpful!