I want to scream loud :D I have passed all three CCNP exams :)

(Kamil K) #1

Thank you for the experience I got here while learning, I did enjoy every article I have read :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I can not afford the CCIE exams until I find a Networking Job I guess :frowning:
Now is the choice of whether to go for Wireless,SECOPS or maybe CCNA Security hmmm …
Tough one to pick from , any chance for advice guys ? :smiley:

Thank you again for the help :smiley:


(Kevin W) #2

Woot Woot Congrats!!! Great job. Good luck on finding a job!

(Kamil K) #3

This is the tough part , it seems like CCNP was easy comparing to finding a job lol :smiley: I guess I would say the same after CCIE , one day I will be able to tell if my mrs ever agrees for me to do it without working in the networking job lol :stuck_out_tongue:

(Michal P) #4

Hi Kamil,
congratulations for killing all 3 exams!

I passed CCNP Route yesterday, it was my first exam of this trio. Personally, I thought I was over-prepared, but man, that exam was extremely demanding.

Can you tell me which exam was most difficult for you?

(Kamil K) #5

First of all : Well done Michal !!
CCNP ROUTE was definitely the most demanding , TSHOOT only took me a week to prepare :slight_smile:

SWITCH was just fun buddy (but super quick to learn, not much in there at all) , but all labs in CCNP are definitely easier than what I have prepared for and I have no networking experience ( I would say that they were by far easier than CCNA labs i was passing last year) .

Have fun with it :slight_smile:

p.s. It still has taken me between 4 to 5 months to pass the trio with vast majority of this time spend on ROUTE. I have also failed my first ROUTE attempt buddy (messed up by 12 points haha). I do not want to sound like : It was easy I cracked it open with no effort :stuck_out_tongue: This definitely is not the case , I could not physically put more time into learning than I did (while working as well as being a dad hehe).

(Michal P) #6

Thank you for valuable information.
The lack of a 12 points is unfortunate, but at least you knew that another attempt would probably be successful. 12 points, it’s like one multiple choice question.

You are right about labs. I prepared myself for lab/sim massacre, but it was walk in the park.

Did you use any real hardware or was GNS3 / VIRL enough?

(Kamil K) #7

Hey Michał :slight_smile:

I have bought 3 c3560 and 2 c3750 of ebay, 3 NIC’s to my desktop and quite a few ethernet cables (just cat5e’s and a pair of stackwise cables).

If it comes to the labs for switching I have mainly used INE workbooks and my 5 devices + interconnecting everything through GNS3 so I could get much more devices out of it and real L2.
I pretty much have 4 NIC’s on my PC so that has given me 4 ports to use to connect with GNS3 :slight_smile:

If it comes to TSHOOT I have recreated the whole topology using GNS3 for L3 topology part and real switches for L2 part of it (all of my switches were MLS anyway so I could use some routing there too regarding EIGRP :slight_smile: ). I have used two of the switches as hosts and was able to use my 4 NIC cards in the following way :

  • 2 to connect DSW1 and DSW2 to R4 (which was run in GNS3)
  • 1 port for Host2 PC
  • 1 port for FTP server

I have actually used ubuntu docker (as an FTP server) by installing tftpd server on it. Subsequently I have installed python3 on it to run a homemade script (quite poor but did the trick hehe) for “breaking” devices randomly , one at a time (one problem at a time) .

Regards Kamil

p.s. Go here https://devnetsandbox.cisco.com/ for cisco VIRL sandbox time (for free , not kidding just reserve and play with it ).

(Lazaros Agapides) #8

Hello Kamil

Congratulations on passing all three!! This is truly a great achievement as the exams are by no means trivial, but quite substantial. This is one of the things that makes Cisco certifications so valuable, that they are indeed difficult, meaning it truly takes skill and knowledge to pass. I’m glad that Networklessons has been a special part of your journey. Congratulations once again and I wish you success in your future certifications.


(Kamil K) #9

Thank you Lazaros, I also think that Cisco certification is fun :slight_smile:
Now trying to get CCNA SECFND and SECOPS just before CCNP comes into play for both of those haha.
If it does not come in by the time I complete those maybe I could try for OSCP as I should have some basics down hopefully after those.

I would love to go for CCIE but until I get some Networking Job it is probably an overshoot (especially for the price as this is my main concern here, not too afraid of learning as I like it :slight_smile: ).

Best Regards,