ICND1 commands packet tracer 7.1 / Boson NetSim 11

Hi all, I am Mint from California. I am a beginner and I am having some difficulty to follow up on some of the lessons posted on ICND1. I am using packet tracer version 7.1 and Boson Netsim11.
I am assuming this could be from the IOS version that I am using but I am not sure what to do to circumnavigate some of the issues the problems on syntax such as telnet with source addresses and time range on access lists. Any advice?

Hello Mint

Welcome to NetworkLessons! Great to have you with us. Can you be more specific in what you mean when you say you are “having some difficulty to follow up on some of the lessons…”? If you could give us some specific examples of the types of problems that you are facing, we can deal with them specifically. Try out some labs, and when you get stuck, or you notice some problem, make a note of it and describe your issue in a post on the thread of that particular lesson. This way we’ll be able to help you specifically.

I hope this has been helpful!


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