ICND1 exam experience

I did the ICND1 exam last Friday and fortunately I passed but I thought some of the exam questions were worded very weirdly. English is not my first language but I know English well enough to be able to conclude that. Sometimes I felt like I was doing an English language exam rather than a technical / technological one. In addition to that, there were quite a few questions about really small details I never expected. Before I hit the ‘End exam’ button I thought I failed but I didn’t. Of course I was very happy but this exam experience makes me fear for the ICND2 exam a bit… Anyway, the main purpose of this post is that I was wondering if others have experienced the same?

Hello Marit

First of all, congratulations on passing your exam! That’s a great achievement!

Thank you for sharing your experience, this is very valuable for many users of the site. The truth is that some of the Cisco exams do indeed have this character about them. They wording is not always the best, and sometimes some information covered by a question can indeed be obscure or not quite clear. Unfortunately, this is part of the experience, but I am hoping that with Cisco’s revamping of the exams next month that this aspect of the exam experience will be improved.

I would not worry too much about your ICND2 exam. Even with these small problems, if you are understanding all of the topics, you will be fine. I wish you success in your upcoming exam, and in your future certification journey!


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Thank you Laz, for your kind and reassuring words! :slight_smile:

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