ICND1 IPV4 course

Hello Mr. Rene

I m new in the community. I m familiar with basics cisco Routing and Switching but I m not certified yet. I plan to pass my certification soon (ICND1 and 2). In the ICND1 programm, I don’t see IPV4 subnetting (VLSM, CIRD, IP subnetting…) in the chapter “Introduction to Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPV4)”. Is this no loger part of Cisco ICND1?

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Hello Mbaye

Take a look at Cisco’s official list of topics for ICND1:


It doesn’t include VLSM, CIDR but does include IP subnetting and addressing. Rene has a subsection on subnetting in the ICND1 course that you can find here:

The subsection is included under the IPv4 section:
I hope this has been helpful!