ICND1 Simulation Problems

Can I know on which topics to prepare on simulation problems for ICND1 certification??
How can I expect the type of simulation questions that would be asked in exam??

Hello Raghava

By simulation questions I assume you mean a command line interface in which you are asked to configure a particular feature or setup of a proposed topology. Unless Cisco has very recently revamped their exam policies, you won’t find any simulation questions in the ICND1 certification exam. Most will be multiple choice and you may have some item match questions as well. Although it has been a while back, the only simulation questions that I have come accross were at the CCNP level, and only with show commands.

In any case, if you have done the labs available on this site, and you have used packet tracer or GNS3 to gain some experience in the behaviour of the networks as you make changes and apply features, you should be more than ready. ICND1 focuses more on your understanding of concepts rather than on your ability to implement them on a network device.

I hope this has been helpful!


Hello Laz,
I went to the CCENT exam and I passed it last Tuesday (23/7/2019). my score was 924. I thank network lessons for their help during these months
it contained two labs: for one of them the commands “show …” are enough, but the second requires typing “conf t” and setting switches (vlan and trunk).

Hello Hugues

That’s great! It’s good to hear about your success, and your score was very impressive. We’re glad to be of help and thank you for the feedback you are sharing on the site.

On to CCNA!