IKEv2 Cisco ASA and strongSwan

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Thanx Rene,
This a very clear manual. Gonna use it right away…


Thanks rené,

My present configuration is quite the same but I don’t have (yet) a subnet under the strongswan platform (this may come later).
So I would like to configure the VPN and test it (ping, scp…) directly with the strongwan plateform and not with its subnet.
What should I change in your configuration for it ?
Thanks again.

Hello Luc,

In this case, you might want to test to configure strongSwan as a remote client perhaps.

First I would try to configure a Cisco router as the VPN server and use a Cisco client. Here’s an example:

Cisco Easy VPN

Once this is working, see if you can replace the client with Strongswan:




How are you using the Ubuntu server with the strongswan on it. Is it in a laptop or do you have a server. Reason for asking is I am wondering how you got the two ports. Maybe you could point me in the right direction on how to set my lab up. thank you

Hi Cristopher,

I use a HP proliant DL360 G7 with a quad NIC running VMware ESXi. Using virtual machines is a great way to test things like this. You can also use a single physical connection from your VMware server to your switch and then configure it as a trunk. Each virtual NIC in your virtual machine can then use a different VLAN.


Hi Rene,
Just confuse but what’s benifit of using strongwan with a linux server instead cisco router or ASA devices ?

Hello Nguyen

strongSwan has some EAP and mobility extensions that can be useful for enterprise networks. However, the reason why you would use strongSwan for such a connection is primarily because it is a software package that has widespread use, and you will see it frequently in corporate networks. For this reason, it is a good idea to understand how to interconnect with it, as you may be called upon to make such a connection. Because it is well documented and maintained, it is likely that you will encounter it in the marketplace.

Although much of what strongSwan does can be done with a Cisco ASA, it is always good to know how to interconnect with devices of other vendors.

I hope this has been helpful!


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Thanks Laz much !!!

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