Influencing eBGP routes after AS Path


I have various eBGP routes which are so equal that the outbound path from my network is determined by the path with lowest router id.

How can you influence this so that the lowest router ID doesn’t necessarily win? I’ve thought about setting the local pref but I don’t want to supersede the AS-Path attribute and potentially cause packets to traverse extra hops.



Ok - after a bit of research I have discovered that you can use a route map to set the origin of learned BGP routes to ‘incomplete.’
For me this means that the shortest AS Path will still always win (lowest latency path) but for any routes tied on path length I can influence using the next criteria in the path selection process which is ‘origin.’
The rule for origin is that paths will be preferred using IGP routes over EGBP, and prefer EBGP routes over ‘unknown’ origin.