Internal BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) explained

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Introduction to MPLS
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Could not understand this…

“loop prevention van BGP is “als AS hetzelfde is dan hebben we een loop maar dit kan niet met ibgp want AS is altijd hetzelfde.”. dus wat doen we dan….IBGP -> IBGP -> IBGP niet doorsturen.”

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You caught one of my notes in Dutch… Just removed it :slight_smile:

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Hi Rene,
Ur explanation was good…plz also describes about BGP Route Reflectors and Confederations.

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Thanx . you explained it step by step and it was very informative…

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your explanation is great and every clear… thanks a lot…

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Hi Neeraj,

You are welcome, the tutorials for route reflectors and confederations are also online now.


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Thank you :). It was easy to understand the way you explained. Can you please put some Redistribution stuff :). thanks in advance

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Thanks a lot ! Your explanation is Awesome ,! It helped me so much … Cheers!

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You are welcome, I have a couple of tutorials on redistribution but I’ll add some more in the future.

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Hi Rene,

I am impressed by your tutorials. I would like to request you the tutorials for Virtual Routing and Forwarding VRF-lite, VNet Trunk, NAT64 and so on. Those are added to current CCNP Route (300-101) curriculum by Cisco.

I am looking forward to see those on your web.

Best Regards,

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Hi Ronnie,

Glad to hear you like my work! I’ll add these tutorials next week.


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Hi Rene,

Have you uploaded new tutorials ? Please upload more.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

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Hi Ronnie,

This week I’m creating a lot of new content. Anything in particular you like to see?


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Hi Rene,

Really nice to see your work. Can u please add and explain BGP Route Dampening?

Best Regards,

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Hi Usman,

Glad to hear you like it! I’ve added BGP route dampening to my list, it’s a nice topic to write about.


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Dearest Rene,

Kindly share the URL where you have added BGP route Dampening as i am finding it difficult to search it.

With Thanks

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Dear Usman,

It’s not finished yet :slight_smile: In a few days I’ll upload it and send you a message ok?


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Dear Rene,

Acknowledged with Thanks :slight_smile:

With Best Regards,

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Great lesson however, I do have a question about IGP/IBGP. Why do we need to configure IGP (OSPF) in AS2 to establish IBGP connectivity between R2/R3/R4? Why can’t we just use loopback addresses on each router in AS2 and establish BGP peering and advertize loopbacks under the network command?