Internet access from web iou

Just wondering is it possible to realize the internet from cisco packet tracer or gns3 ?
I mean , for instance, if I wanted to go to from PC on cisco packet tracer , how to do it ?
Thanks in advance.

Hello Binod

It is possible to do both. For Packet Tracer, you need to install something like PTBridge. This is a java addon that allows a simulated network to connect to a real one. Because Packet Tracer is actually a simulator and not an emulator, so its packets and protocols have been implemented with significant differences to real ones. PTBridge performs the necessary translation to allow these packets to exist in a real network, allowing you to achieve connectivity to the Internet. Because of these extensive differences, PTBridge only supports a small subset of protocols. You can find out more information about PTBridge as it is available on Github. Use your favourite search engine to find out more.

GNS3 on the other hand is an emulator. This means that the packets and protocols used are real, and don’t require any translation mechanisms. As such, it is much easier to achieve this with GNS3 and you can obtain a much deeper integration of GNS3 networks with real networks including the Internet. This is achieved by connecting a cloud object to a physical Ethernet interface of the host computer. This procedure can be seen in detail in this GNS3 link.

I hope this has been helpful!