Interview Questions

Hi Rene,

Can we have some tricky interview related question & answer document which also include some Client Server related troubleshooting question like 1) if we can see in wireshark that server is re-sending packets; what could be the steps to check? 2) what/how could we troubleshoot if a Application/Web-page opens slow? 3)


Hi Manami,

Good question. I see we also have this question on the feedback board. If others are interested in this too, I think it would be best to have a collection here on the forum.

Creating any possible question and answer is difficult and to be honest, I don’t think it’s the best approach. When you learn the material and understand the core topics, they can throw any possible question at you and you will be able to answer it directly. When you don’t know the answer, you’ll know in what direction to look.

I think that’s what most interviewers are looking for. If I had to interview someone about let’s say OSPF then I’d ask them to draw/explain what they know about OSPF, the different area types, network types, etc. If they wouldn’t know the answer to a question, I’d be more interested in their response what their next action would be.