Intro - Kelly from NC

Hey All,

Just a quick intro. I’m recertifying a lapsed CCNA and plan to go on to certify CCNP and CCIE afterwards.

My initial CCNA was about 13 years ago but, I work on routing/switching everyday so, it’s mostly review at the CCNA level for me but it’s the things I don’t touch everyday that I’m focusing on for the composite.

Looking forward to going through the content here and also, hopefully, having some good discussions on the material.

Looking forward to meeting folks as we all progress towards our goals.


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Hello Kelly! Great to have you on board!

We wish you all success in your endeavour to achieve CCNA certification again, and we’re here to help you along the way. We also look forward to helping you achieve even greater levels of certification.

We’re looking forward to your questions and comments about lessons and about anything and everything that you may want to share!

Welcome once again!


Thanks Laz. Very much appreciated. Looking forward to the discussions and learning here.


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Welcome to the forum Kelly!

This is a great place to learn, this website has helped me out a ton and I hope it helps you out as well. I hope you can share your knowledge and your experience with others on the forum! Thanks for joining and I hope to see you around.



Welcome Kelly!

You should be able to go through most of the material quickly. Good luck studying and if there is anything, let us know!