Introduction to Frame-Relay for CCNA Students

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Hi Rene,

This is very good explanation about frame realy to understand frame-realy technology.

Thanks so much for giving this information to all Networking negineers.

I am doing CCIE Security please help me how to do the study for CCIE security because I am doing job as well in IT MNC company.

Khandesha Kothale

Router Frodo will now know it can reach IP address by sending traffic through the PVC with DLCI 102. Router Gandalf will know that it can reach IP address through the PVC with DLCI 201.

its should be if i am ri8 by sending traffic through dlci 102

Hi Anirban,

You are right, just fixed this error.


Nice explanation Rene…keep up the good work…

simply put and understandable, though i have a small doubt.
The commands:

#frame-relay map ip    , AND
#interface se0/0

Do these two commands mean the same thing? i have tried using either one of them and frame-relay just works fine… its created this confusion , whether one of the commands might have a different purpose. e.g . like on a frame-relay switch or something???

the first command is : router(config) # frame-relay map ip

Hi Ugyen,

The frame-relay interface-dlci command is meant for point-to-point frame-relay connections and basically it means “This DLCI belongs to this interface”. It is used often on sub-interfaces because the router doesn’t know which DLCI belongs to which sub-interface. By default all DLCI numbers are assigned to the physical interface…

The frame-relay map command is different, it is used to map layer 2 information (DLCI) to a layer 3 address (IP address). We use this on frame-relay multipoint interfaces where we can reach multiple routers through the same PVC.

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Nice explanation, just found a small error …in frame-relay map table you mentioned the same IP in both table, however, it should be…102 with 192.16812.2 and 201 with 192.168.12.‘1’… please correct me if I am mistaken.

Hi Muhammad,

You are right, I should change the picture :wink:


Hi Rene,

Really a gr8…explanation. Now I understand actual Frame Relay concept…Thanks once again,

I think now in Network MPLS is used instead of Frame Relay…may be I have wrong…but please explain me difference between this MPLS vs Frame Relay…?

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Imran Ghumara

Hi Imran,

Frame-relay is pretty old and you won’t see it in networks anymore. MPLS is very popular nowadays but it’s a completely different protocol compared to frame-relay…hard to explain in a few sentences here. I’ll write some more tutorials on MPLS in the future to explain it.


Thanks but give also the configuration parameters under frame relay

You are welcome iLeana and thanks :slight_smile:

The configuration examples for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint are here:

Thank you so much rene,ur article made me to master 60% of frame relay next configuration…

I think we cannot be more clear about basics of frame relay

thanks rene.
great explantion.

I felt how many times had you concerned about easily teaching! On reading your Introduction, I understood at one time.


Thanks that answered a lot of my questions.