Introduction to REST API

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I am new to Python and starting my first lab. In my virtual lab I have a CSR1000v connected to Ubuntu device with Python 3 installed on it and they can talk to each others.
I have no problems with the router config but when it gets to the script I have no idea where and how to write the script and how to push it to the router. Can you clarify the Python part please?
Thank you


Hello Hany

In order to get a good grasp of Python it would be a good idea to find an online tutorial (there are literally hundreds out there) that can get you started scripting. A suggestion would be to go to which is a start from scratch introduction that can give you the basics you need for scripting. But you can do your own search and find the course that will be best for you.

Once complete, if you have specific questions about how to apply it to networking and your virtual lab, we’ll be able to more specifically help you out.

I hope this has been helpful!