Introduction to SNMP

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Great lesson! I had to implement an SNMP change control recently. Nice to have a great refresher.

good explaination

Fahad ALFadani

The tip for Observium is really helpful, thanks!

Hi Wilfried,

You might also like LibreNMS.

It’s the exact same thing as Observium but it’s free. It supports instant updates and alerting out of the box. For Observium you’ll have to pay when you want automatic updates and alerting.


Hi Rene,
What is the difference between SNMP get and get next?

Hi Ananth,

That’s a good question.

We have already seen in this lesson the usage of SNMP GET sent from the SNMP Manager is to gather a specific object instance from the SNMP agent.

Or The GETNEXT command requests a list of instances from a remote entity, but expects the next variable in the tree back. So meaning If a GETNEXT is issued on an object then the agent MUST return the next instance in the MIB tree.

Does it make sense?

Under SNMPv3 should it be “noAuthnoPriv” instead of “noAutonoPriv”? :smiley:

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Hello Chris

Thanks for catching that, I’ll let @ReneMolenaar know.


Hi Rene,

Need to confrm if we have configure SNMPV3 on NMS and we are configuring SNMPV2 config on router, Whether it will work.

Hi Owais,

The different SNMP versions are not compatible with each other but if you have a NMS that supports SNMPv3, there’s a 99% chance it also supports SNMPv2.