Introduction to Spanning-Tree

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This topic is to discuss the following lesson:

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Could you please post some details about RSTP and MSTP.

Thanks In Advance.

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I will add those in the future, no problem.

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Possibly the best and simplest explanation I have read, excellent work

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Thanks for explaining this. It’s very clear and informative.

I would like to ask you about what software or stencils (if you use Visio) you use for your diagrams? I really like them and I would like to use something like it for my own (personal) home network.

Looking at the picture quality, I’m going to assume it’s a Mac OS X based software! Can you please advise?

Thanks again mate.

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Hi Karl, you are welcome. I’m using Microsoft Visio 2010 to draw the pictures and the excellent free stencils from


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Thank you so much for this website,keep it going!

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Thanks a lot

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Hi Rene,

You say:
“Here’s an overview of the interfaces and their cost: 10 Mbit = Cost 10, 100 Mbit = Cost 19, 1000 Mbit = Cost 4”

…10 Mbit should be Cost 100 - I guess most people will know this already and/or it’s obvious, but might be worth changing.
And keep up the hard work with the lessons - really enjoyable reading :slight_smile:

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Hi Jon,

I just fixed this error, thanks for letting me know!


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Good Presentation…Keep up the Good Work

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thanks rene this website is very useful…keep going

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Super easy explanation. By far my favorite site for learning Cisco, Linux etc… Thanks as always and I.l keep spreading the word to purchase your material.

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Thanks Ryan!

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IMO your writing style is like talking about STP instead of reading about it. Easier to grasp and follow along.

Really diggin’ the layout and flow of this new site too. Keep it up!

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Thanks PB. I try to explain things in my tutorials in the same way as if I were explaining it to you in person…no rocket science, just plain english :slight_smile:

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nice was very useful tnx

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Hi Rene,
I am planning on Plotting Spanning Tree Topology. Can you explain me that how can i do it.

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Hi Sujith,

What exactly do you want to do?


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Hi Rene,

I just want to say - Thank You!!