IOS-XE object-group configuration

Are there any differences between an object-group configured on a router running iOS-xe and an ASA.
I see the sections covering the ASA configuration but have not found anything specific to a non ASA router or router running the IOS code.

Thanks in advance for your feedback

Hello James

Indeed there are no lessons on object groups for Cisco devices other than the ASA. You may see them here or there, but nothing that describes them in full. For the IOS-XE, you can take a look at this Cisco documentation:

The logic is the same, and the syntax is very similar to the ASA, although you may find some slight differences.

If you’re interested in seeing a particular subject, such as object group configuration for IOS-XE on the site, feel free to make your suggestion at the following link:

You may find that others have had similar suggestions, and you can add your voice to theirs.

I hope this has been helpful!