IPv6 EIGRP route Advertisment


I have a simple topology in which I have configure eigrp and ripng running IPv6 between two routers. When advertise the loopback ipv6 address from Router1 towards Router2 and I check the routing table I only see the network portion of the IPv6 address. Why can’t I see the entire address such as the network interface id portion as we see when using IPv4?




Router1(config-if)#do sh ipv6 int lo0
<strong>Loopback0</strong> is up, line protocol is up
IPv6 is enabled, link-local address is FE80::F816:3EFF:FE88:7B43
No Virtual link-local address(es):
Global unicast address(es):
<strong>FC00:ABCD:BEEF:EFEF:F816:3EFF:FE88:7B43</strong>, subnet is FC00:ABCD:BEEF:EFEF::/64 [EUI]


Router2#sh ipv6 route eigrp
IPv6 Routing Table - default - 4 entries
Codes: C - Connected, L - Local, S - Static, U - Per-user Static route
B - BGP, HA - Home Agent, MR - Mobile Router, R - RIP
H - NHRP, I1 - ISIS L1, I2 - ISIS L2, IA - ISIS interarea
IS - ISIS summary, D - EIGRP, EX - EIGRP external, NM - NEMO
ND - ND Default, NDp - ND Prefix, DCE - Destination, NDr - Redirect
RL - RPL, O - OSPF Intra, OI - OSPF Inter, OE1 - OSPF ext 1
OE2 - OSPF ext 2, ON1 - OSPF NSSA ext 1, ON2 - OSPF NSSA ext 2
la - LISP alt, lr - LISP site-registrations, ld - LISP dyn-eid
a - Application
D   <strong>FC00:ABCD:BEEF:EFEF::/64</strong> [90/130816]
via FE80::F816:3EFF:FE5F:C5C7, GigabitEthernet0/1


Hi Victor,

This behavior is normal, in the routing table you will only find prefixes not addresses. It’s the same with IPv4, in the routing table you will only find subnets not IP addresses.

The only exception to this rule is if you advertise a /32 IPv4 address or a /128 IPv6 address.


Hi Rene,

Yes that makes sense.

Thank you