IPv6 LAN assignment

So if I wanted to setup IPv6 on my network routers and core switches, I would use Unique Local addresses FC00::/7 (FD) correct?

And what would be the best design layout. for example, in IPv4, you use /30 between point to points, from one switch or router to another.

Hi Steve,

The Unique Local addresses (ULA) are similar to IPv4’s RFC1918 addresses, these are private addresses. On our IPv4 networks, we use private addresses since there aren’t enough public IP addresses for everyone. That’s why we use NAT to translate private addresses to one (or more) public addresses.

This problem doesn’t exist anymore with IPv6, there’s more than enough public address space to give each internet-connected IPv6 device a public space.

So if your device requires internet connectivity…use a public IPv6 address. For anything that shouldn’t be connected to the Internet, use ULA addresses.

There has been some debate throughout the years whether you should use a /64, /126 or /127 for point-to-point links. Using a /127 is a valid solution nowadays:





you the man. I found articles stating the same thing the other day. Thanks for the help and the great site!