IPv6 Multicast BSR and RP Example

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ping only works if source interface lo0 supplied


Is ipv6 multicast required on CCIE V5 lab ??

Yup it’s on the blueprint so you can encounter it.

best CCIE R/S explanation …thanks

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we did not use a command like ipv6 pim sparse-mode but the pim neighborship is established. How can ipv6 establish this?



Also what is FF07::7? is this a group member like


Hello Murat

In IPv6, there is no corresponding command to that used in IPv4. The ipv6 multicast-routing command enables multicast routing and enables multicast forwarding for PIM on all enabled IPv6 interfaces of the device.

Similarly, the ipv6 pim bsr candidate rp and ipv6 pim bsr candidate bsr commands enable the devices to function as rp and bsr for PIM.

Take a look at the following for more information:

This is a prefix for reserved multicast addresses for IPv6, so yes, this is a group member similar to the IPv4 address you mention above.

I hope this has been helpful!