IPV6 Tunneling mechanisms Vs NAT64/DNS64

Hi Team ,
I have gone through the tunneling concepts of IPV6 to IPV4 interoperability.
How does this Manual tunnel , 6to4 tunnel and ISTAP tunnels are different from NAT64/DNS64 concept.

I understand that NAT64/DNS64 will serve IPV6 only clients to communicate Ipv4 clients.
Are these tunneling concepts also serve the same thing ??

Hello Annapurna

Manual tunnel, 6to4 tunnel and ISTAP are all technologies that allow two remote and disparate IPv6 networks to interconnect to each other over an IPv4-only network infrastructure between them. Here both sending and receiving hosts are using IPv6, and the intervening network is using IPv4. IPv6 is said to be “tunnelled” through the IPv4 network.

NAT64 (often used in conjunction with DNS64) however is used to allow an IPv6 host to communicate with an IPv4 host by translating IPv6 addresses to IPv4 addresses and visa versa. Here the communicating hosts are using different versions of IP.

I hope this has been helpful!