IS-IS Summarization

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Is there any rule where we can do summarize like OSPF ABR/ASBR ?? Thanks


Hi Zaman,

Like OSPF, you can’t do summarization within an area. You can do it between level 1/2 or areas.


Just a small typo: on R1 IS-IS is configured for gigabit 0/1 but the picture shows gigabit 0/2.

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Thank you Stefanita, just fixed this.


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Above we have R1 and R3 in area 12.<<<Typo(R1 and R2 are in area 12) R3 is in area 3. On R1 we have two loopback interfaces. Loopback 0 will be advertised in IS-IS, loopback 1 will be redistributed. I will show you how to summarize both routes.


Hello Gokul

Thanks so much for pointing this out! I will let Rene know to make the correction.

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a quick one , the CCIE EI blueprint , doesn’t mention anything related to IS-IS in the blueprint nor RIP, but I can see that they are mentioned here and in the redistribution section as well, so is this an exam topic or here for just learning purpose in general … thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Hisham

On all of Cisco’s certifications, the exam topic blueprint is described as follows:

“The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam.”

For this reason, exam topic lists found on the Cisco web site should not be taken as an exclusive list of topics on the exam. Related topics may also be included that may not be explicitly listed in the exam topics. That’s why things like IS-IS and RIP, and even Frame Relay are included in the lessons here.

I hope this has been helpful!


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Thanks a lot :slight_smile: , appreciate it

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