Is it possible to set the time for Debug to Undebug?

HI Sir,

could you please help me out in debug command. is it possible to set particular time to Undebug all or particular debug command .

thanks from Rajamohan Reddy.

Hello Rajamohan

There is no specific command that can cause a cisco device to disable all debugging on the system. There is however a feature of IOS that allows you to schedule commands. This is not specific to debugging commands, but any available IOS command. The feature is called the Command Scheduler and uses the kron command.

The Command Scheduler allows admins to schedule fully-qualified EXEC mode CLI commands to run once, at specified intervals, at specified calendar dates and times, or upon system startup. You can schedule an undebug all command whenever you like so you can essentially do what you describe in your question - remove all debugging after a specified amount of time.

More information about the Kron command can be found at this Cisco documentation.

I hope this has been helpful!


A long time ago I created an example for Kron…for those that are interested :smile: