Is there any issue to use different range of Private IP?

I wondered that below is the Private IP address normally being used.

  1. Is there any reason to use below range of the IP address for internal network?
  2. Does it matter to use any range of IP address which is not belong to below range as private IP address?

These are the Private IP address ranges:
Class A: –
Class B: –
Class C: –

Hello Yeonwoo

These addresses are defined as private IPv4 addresses and can be freely used for your internal networks. It is always best practice to use these ranges for internal networks, because they are not routable on the Internet. Why is that important?

Well, let’s say that you want to connect to a web server at Let’s say that web server uses an IP address of Under normal circumstances, that IP address destination will be routed to the Internet and you can see your web server. However, what if you used that IP address internally on your network? You would never be routed to the Internet, but you would be routed internally to the device with that IP address.

For this reason, it is always good to use these private IP address ranges, so that you can make sure that there is no conflict. You know that these will never exist on the Internet, and even if you try to send a packet with such an address on the Internet, the routers are designed to drop all such packets.

I hope this has been helpful!