Jumbo Frame and Route based VPN tunnel

I think I saw a lesson about Jumbo frame couple of months ago, but I do not find it anymore. Would someone please help me to find this lesson? Also, I am not sure if there is any lesson for Route based VPN. I have not found it. If there is one. please someone help me to find it. Thank you in advance.


Hello Azm

Concerning jumbo frames, there is no lesson specifically about them. At this link you can see all the articles (7 in total) where jumbo is found. See if it is one of those.

As for route based VPN tunnel, do you by any chance mean DMVPN? Take a look at the following introduction lesson and see if that is what you are looking for.


As always, I hope this has been helpful!


Hello Laz,
Sorry for the confusion. I was actually referring to Virtual Tunnel Interface Site To Site VPN.



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You mean the tunnel protection ipsec profile command? I used it once in the IPSEC DMVPN example: