Juniper Course

Hi Rene i love ur content because it actually make me visualize and understand the concepts but i want to know can u please start a few course for juniper aswell like the basic difference between cisco and juniper , how protocols like BGP ospf functions in juniper , mpls commands in juniper because nowadays we need to know about interoparability and juniper is now used in many ISP core routers hope u will read my comment

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Hello Anoop

Great to hear that you’re finding Rene’s lessons helpful! The NetworkLessons forum focuses on content that is necessary to successfully become Cisco certified at various levels. For the time being, Rene doesn’t have plans to include content from Juniper or other vendors. However, all ideas are valuable and can be helpful in us creating the most useful and comprehensive content.

For this reason, feel free to go to the Member Ideas page below, and make a suggestion. You may find that others have also made similar suggestions, so you can add your voice to theirs.

Thanks again for your feedback!