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First of all I am really grateful for this tool and the way it is structured. I would offer as a suggestion, and something that would be very useful for me, a section at the end of each topic that offers some questions about the topic as a brief knowledge check at the end of each topic. Thanks again! I love this website.

Hello Mark!

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll let Rene know too to examine the possibility of creating knowledge check questions at the end of the lessons.


Hello Mark,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m glad to hear you like our work!

We have practice exams:

These are meant to be similar to the real CCNA/CCNP exams.

There are two other things we could do:

  • Add 1-5 questions at the end of each lesson. These would be different questions because the ones from the practice exams are too detailed. Some quick “knowledge check” questions could be useful.
  • Add a mini practice exam at the end of each section. For example, BGP, OSPF, etc.

I’ll give this some thought.



The knowledge check questions at the end of each section is more what I was referring to. I appreciate the response and the time you all take to make this site the best I have encountered. Keep up the good work.

Mark Hudson

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