Labs Practising

I want to practice Labs virtually, Switches and routers i could not buy . Please someone share me the tool where i can practice the configuration of all protocols.


This works for me so far:

Packet Trace Tool from Cisco to setup a quick and easy topology when I’m learning easy topics that I just need quick references. - Get it from Cisco website.

GNS3 tool: This is the tool I use to setup an environment with real IOS images which give me real results - just the same as a real Cisco Device. You need a decent hardware for this, I have more than enough resources on my Macbook Pro. - Search the GNS3 website and see what is available.

  • There is this other tool is available called: eve-ng, But I haven’t used it yet but it’s being used a lot in some videos I have watched in youtube. - Good Luck! @gayathril141191

Hello Gayathril

@joelrichard has shared with you some of the most common tools used to simulate/emulate networks on your computer. For more information, you can take a look at the following resources:

I hope this has been helpful!


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Thank you sir!!! I will look into it more.

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Thanku so much for your support

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