'Level' of the ASA course?

(Jeremy M) #1

Hello! This site was a great help to me for my CCNP R&S (passed my last exam last month!) and now I’ve moved on to CCNA security. ASA firewalls are on the topic list so I’m using your course here to study for that section. Would you say the course is appropriate for CCNA studies? Or does it go into more detail than that? (Which is totally fine, better to know more than know not enough). Just curious about how deep the course goes.

(Lazaros Agapides) #2

Hello Jeremy

The ASA course found here in NetworkLessons focuses on the ASA devices, how to configure them and what they are capable of. The Cisco CCNA security course includes more concepts than just implementing ASAs. For example, the CCNA security certification is based 18% on Cisco firewall technologies which includes the ASA configs. The rest is Security concepts, Secure access, VPNs, secure routing and switching and IPS. So the ASA course here is geared more towards gaining a full understanding of the ASA and its functionalities, and focuses on the practical aspect of the implementation.

The CCNA security course includes a lot of general theory on security. So, the course here will not prepare you for the CCNA security in full, but for only a part of it.

Having said that, the depth of coverage of the topics is quite deep in the ASA course, and goes far beyond those topics covered in the CCNA security course.

I hope this has been helpful!