MAC SLA between ACI and 7 k to prove L2

I have the following connection server-> ACI-> nexus 7k gateway. I had an issue at layer 2 on the ACI mac was not being learned and needed to be flushed, is there a way where I can run a type of IP SLA at layer 2 ( i know its L3) between the 7k gateway and the ACI to prove connectivity
something like a MAC ACL with logs/counters?

Hello Michael

I don’t believe that there is a mechanism similar to SLA to determine Layer 2 connectivity. You may be able to achieve what you need using the Embedded Event Manager (EEM). It may require some research to see what features are available to detect what you need.

You can find out more about EEM for IOS at the following lesson:

You can also find out more info about EEM for the Nexus platforms at the following Cisco documentation:

I hope this has been helpful! Stay healthy and safe!