Mpls l2vpn & vpls

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I am confuse with this topic, is MPLS L2VPN is the same with VPLS?

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I would answer my question,

Upon researching I found out that MPLS L2VPN is the same with the MPLS L2 Encapsulation(Support legacy WAN Protocols) topic here in MPLS.
Xconnect are use for AToM whereas VPLS can only link Ethernet sites, there isn’t interworking ip in VPLS.

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Is there a chapter on this topic (MPLS L2VPN & VPLS) already ?

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You may check the MPLS section where you can find the MPLS L2VPN encapsulation.

didn’t find any lesson against VPLS

Hello Ajay

You can find some information about VPLS at the following lesson:

VPLS is also known as E-LAN. If you want a future lesson with more details about this particular feature, feel free to make a suggestion at the Member Ideas page. You may find that others have made similar suggestions, so you can add your voice to theirs.

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I regret to say but this lesson doesn’t help at all, VPLS is also a multipoint VPN services which was excluded in the lesson,

I want a brief lesson on VPLS.

Points needs to covered are as followed:

-VPLS brief introduction and benefits.
-Configurations of VPLS with an example.

I look forward to your kind considerations.

Ajay Mamania

Hello Ajay

I appreciate the fact that the lesson only touches superficially on VPLS. For this reason, it would be best for you to use the Member Ideas page found below to make your suggestion for a lesson that will cover the topics you suggest.

This way, Rene can put it into the list of topics he will create for the future…

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