Hi Rene and team,

Could you please what is the difference between MPLS L2VPN and MPLS L3 VPN.

i read articles on MPLS L3VPN, but specifically i could not get MPLS L2VPN.

Request you to explain MPLS L2 VPN use cases and with Topology with configuration.

in terms of P2P seudowire and P2MP Seudowire.


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Hello Rahul,

MPLS L3 VPN means the service provider participates in customer routing. For example, take a look at these lessons:

For a high level overview, take a look at this lesson:

Between the PE (provider) and CE (customer) routers we run a routing protocol like OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, or BGP.

With MPLS L2 VPN, we don’t do routing between the PE and CE routers. We transport a L2 protocol like Ethernet or frame-relay, over the MPLS network. To the customer, the MPLS network is transparent and to them, it seems like a regular L2 link. Here is an example:

I hope this helps!


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