MPLS LDP label load balancing

Hello ,

I would like to clear my one of the doubt in MPLS load balancing .

My PE router is having 2 path towards ,one is labeled path and another one is IP path .My PE is receiving IP traffic from neighbour router (Not belongs to MPLS network ) towards & this time PE having labeled and IP path in CEF table .As per my understanding PE will consult CEF table to froward this specific IP packet because it is IP packet .

My question is whether PE will perform load balancing or select any one of the path ,If any one of the path which path will be preffered and why ?

Hi Ratheesh,

How would you do this? Let’s say we have this topology:

PE2 advertises as a VPN route to PE1. You could add a direct link without MPLS in between PE1 and PE2, and configure iBGP on that link. That doesn’t change anything though, PE2 will still advertise as a VPN route.

You could add another PE3 router. Let’s say on the subnet. PE2 could advertise a VPN route, PE3 a unicast route. PE1 will still pick one of the two. That decision is made before we look at what LSP to use.