MPLS Traffic Engineering

Hi Rene,

Didn’t find any topics on

  1. MPLS TE Tunnel forwarding,
  2. MPLS TE Fast re-route
  3. VPLS
  4. Segment routing
    Please let me know if its available or any plans on these topics.

Bhupesh Saini

Hello Bhupesh

These are topics that are not currently covered on the site. However, you can go to the following section of the site and make suggestions for new lessons there:

You may find that others have made similar suggestions as you, and you can add your voice to theirs. You can then follow along to see if/when new lessons are added.

I hope this has been helpful!


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On this,
Can anyone please guide me what we need to adjust on VPLS customer side connectivity ?

We had MPLS layer 3 vpn but now changed to VPLS.
Vpls provider saying the port they delivered is configured as access port with 802.1q encap.

Do we need to adjust routing between CE ? Whats the next hop ?? Or since it is purely layer 2, we just tag and untag the vlans on upstream port in each side ?

Hello Binod

Take a look at this response:

I hope this has been helpful!