Mpls vpn configuration example not able to from svi interface


i have used this topology

and created sub interface in Pre-agg router on g2.10 interface and on DC1 have created svi intface on g3.10

both have same vlan and subnet

i configured exactily as you mentioned in Mpls vpn configuration example , but im not able to ping from svi ip to svi ip .
can you help on this, pls.

Hello Ram

Hmm, this doesn’t look like an MPLS VPN configuration to me. Maybe I’m not seeing it? Each router should have its own subnet, and you shouldn’t have a VLAN that spans multiple devices like that.

However, in order for us to understand your topology, and in order to help you out in your troubleshooting, can you clarify which lesson you used to create this network? Is it the MPLS Layer 3 VPN Configuration? Let us know so we can help you further.