Multicast for networking

I have a problem when designed a network for streaming server collect IP camera Sources.

– My devices include: 1 Streaming Server (collects many source from camera and other), 1 Router 2921, 1 Switch 2960 and some source IP camera (ex: CCTV,…, Local ip camera). So what solution for this network:

– My design: Camera sources - Other network – Router 2921 (inside) — Switch 2960–(VLAN10:Local Camera, VLAN 20: CCTV, VLAN 30:Other camera, VLAN 40:Streaming Server, VLAN50:Clients Computer)

So, i want to ask about basic configure in this network:

– On Router 2921: Creat Sub interface connect with Switch int mode trunk, and what about multicast (how to configure multicast to enough funtions in this case: enable multicast-routing, PIM for route and enable igmp snooping for each interface)?

– On Switch 2960: Creat VLANs mode access for sources, configure igmp snooping

Can you example to me some idea and some command to process this situation?

Many Thanks,

  1. All SVIs must be on your router.
    1.1 Router on a stick configuration
  2. Enable ip igmp snooping on your switch
  3. Enable ip igmp snooping and ip igmp snooping querier on your router
  4. Enable ip multicast-routing on your router
  5. Enable ip pim sparse-mode per SVI
    #int vlan 10
    #ip pim sparse-mode
  6. Configure rendevous point for your multicast tree
    #ip pim autorp OR ip pim rp-address <SVI for VLAN 10>