Multicast PIM Bootstrap (BSR)

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What will take precedence if we enable both auto-RP and BSR in the network?

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In a multicast network, if both Auto-RP and BSR are enabled, BSR will take precedence over Auto-RP. BSR is considered a more advanced and scalable solution for PIM-SM group-to-RP mapping compared to Auto-RP.

Remember that BSR is an open standard that is defined in RFC 5059 and is part of the PIM-SM standard, while Auto-RP is a Cisco proprietary mechanism. BSR is generally preferred in multi-vendor environments or in larger networks due to its better scalability and improved functionality.

However, it is generally not recommended to have both mechanisms enabled at the same time, as this may lead to inconsistencies in group-to-RP mappings and potential routing issues. It is better to choose one of the mechanisms and configure it consistently across the network.

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