Multicast proxy for Dynamic multimedia delivery

I am very new to this subject and would like your idea on how develop a multicast proxy which can detect the user in existing network, requests on any multicast streams that provided by external sources.
It also should be able to translate
the multicast streams from one set of multicast address (assigned by the host broadcasters) into another set transparently and in real time without compromising any network security;
Enable internal users to set up / modify network policies by graphic interface and
Easy integration with existing network security policy.
I understand i am asking for lot, but every little help will be appreciated.Thanks in Advance.

Hello Dilli,

Have you seen Multicast Service Reflection from Cisco before?

I never tested this but it allows you to change source and/or destination addresses of multicast traffic. There is no fancy GUI but you could always custom code something with an API.

Some other vendors call it multicast destination NAT:

Hope this helps.