NAT + access-list level

Hello all

i want to know if i am on right or no ,

as i think access-list subjects only in ccna level ?? means nothing about them in ccnp & ccie so anyone read ccna should be sure 100% understand this subject because we will use to much in ccnp + ccie so be sure from your self to able work with it 100%

and as i think NAT subjects its in ccna + some in ccnp encore only ? and nothing more about them

Hello Barakat

The definitive list of the topics covered for each exam is found at the Cisco sites that describe each certification level. Here you will find the list of exam topics for CCNA:

From this you can see the following topics:

  • 4.1 Configure and verify inside source NAT using static and pools
  • 5.6 Configure and verify access control lists

For the CCNP level you can see the topics covered in ENCOR here:

From this you can see the following topics:

  • 3.4b Configure and verify NAT/PAT
  • 5.2a Configuring and Verifying Infrastructure Security Features - ACLs

The topics for ENARSI are found here:
From this you can see:

  • 3.2a Troubleshoot router security features including IPv4 access control lists
  • NAT is not mentioned.

From the above, you can see clearly what topics are covered for each exam. However, keep in mind that for every exam topic list, Cisco states the following:

The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. Your knowledge, skills and abilities on these topics will be tested throughout the entire network lifecycle, unless explicitly specified otherwise within this document.

So Cisco is free to add anything else they feel is within the limitations of the exam. Also, any topic covered in CCNA is considered fair game to be included in higher exams such as CCNP. So even through NAT is not mentioned in the ENARSI exam, it is still a possibility that it will be included. Does that make sense?

I hope this has been helpful!


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