NATTING SINGLE PUBLIC IP With 2 different internal private IP with same port number

Is it possible to NAT single public IP with 2 different internal IP using same port number…My requirement is to achieve redunandancy over NAT for the server located in Primary and DR site having different server IP subnet, packets from remote branches first land on my office router over the internet and get NAT (destination based NAT) to private IP of the servers located in customer HO via dedicated backhaul. Now customer wants to use DR site with another private IP address, therefore, when ever there is disaster in main HO, traffic can be routed to DR site without changing any configuration in branch router

Nat is to hide a private IP from public. I am not sure Nat is used that way. you are suppose to fail a link over that is how most do it that I have seen. Like using HSRP or VRRP or GLBP…when you fail a link over the IP same on this end but on the other end converts to another private IP or what we call NAT’d. Server located in primay and DR are seperate locations? seperate network segments? best i we had a drawing alittle more detail. NAT can be used for lots of things but mostly to hide and IP and nat it to another ip. you can do this bidrectionally.

Hi Shiva,
It can be easily done with active-passive mode. Probably you are sending the NATTED packet to a next-hop to reach your client’s DC lan. If the connectivity goes down the packet need to be routed to your client’s DR lan. You can use any dynamic routing protocol or IPSLA to achieve this. In this case the LAN ip of DC and DR must be same.
If the LAN ip of DC and DR are in different block you can use EEM script to change your NAT configuration automatically.
But I am not sure about the active-active configuration.

Hi Nasser, thanks for the reply, my DC & DR LAN are in different subnet. Can I use EEM script in Cisco ASA?

Thanks for the reply, Servers are located in different place and IP network segments are in different as well…

I have only seen this:
use HSRP with a VIP virtual IP 2 seperate links to the segments for the 2 servers.
the nat is natted to the VIP and you make 1 interface in the HSRP have higher priority than the 2nd link but they share VIP address on the NAT so it is 1:1 NAT and then the HSRP will failover behind the scense if link 1 is gone and it will no interuptions.
now the catch is hopefully your databases and such to each server has been keeping up todate? hat is how i woudl do it and have seen it done. I am sure thee are many ways but now can you have a NAT do that? it is more of a routing things to do failover I feel. I am not and expert but maybe someone else has a better idea but nat to me is not for failover to a DR sight. now I do believe NAT can load balance but you dont want t load balance you want to failover correcT then HSRP/VRRP/GLBP is your best bet and nat it 1:1 with the VIP like this …NAT public IP:: VIP address from HSRP configurations good luck.

use NAT:VIP shared by the hsrp configureation that works I know for fact i production
google HSRP failover to DR site and you can figure it out easily.

Think how easy this. If your servers DR and production share the same VIP address internal to your network, then when it comes back from your DR on another segement it will be NAT from that private IP back the VIP Ip that is known on your network get it??