Need practice questions on JSON and python

Having failed the ENCOR test three times now, I humbly suggest adding some practice questions focusing on properly formatted JSON. For instance, which of these JSON examples are formatted correct, and in the answers one is missing commas, and one is missing double quotes, etc.
Also, some questions like, here’s three lines of python, what does this function do? What’s the right function to pull a variable from a JSON output?

Hello Robert

Thanks for sharing your experience, and I’m sorry that it’s been tough going with ENCOR, but it sounds like you’re determined to keep persevering, and that’s great. Also, thanks for the suggestions in lessons, that kind of feedback is always useful.

You can go to the Member Ideas page and make your suggestions there. You may find that others have suggested something similar, and you can add your voice to the rest. @ReneMolenaar uses these suggestions to modify and improve existing lessons, and to decide what new ones to add.

I hope this has been helpful!