Network Automation and Orchestration

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(Michael M) #2

Hi Rene. Its been a very long time since we spoke. Still a huge fan of your website. You helped me through my CCNP/CCIE(written) studies. I will always be eternally grateful
That being said I am entering the phase in my career will automation through Python is a great interest. Will you write an article about Python for Network Engs? Im thinking about Python + REST apis + Postman. If the article can be written like this network automation and orchestration article I think it will greatly help alot of people. No in depth knowledge of Python or REST is even needed. What do you think?

(Rene Molenaar) #3

Hi Michael,

You are very welcome, it’s good to hear my work has been so useful to you. I’m definitely going to add some python material in the future. The “evolving technologies” blueprint also has REST APIs so I’m going to write some articles what REST APIs are and how to play around with postman or python.

It doesn’t take too long to learn python and use it to talk with APIs or manage network devices. It’s a lot of fun too.