Network design: Help with getting started

Hi All
For my College project I have to design a network for a factory. I have reviewed the lesson on campus design (but my network is similar to jsut having 1 building on the campus). I have to configure the network using packet tracer 6.2.

I have decided that I am going to have at least 5 switches, and use trunking to allow the switches to talk to each other. I would also like to build in redundancy.
I will have 3 standard vlans, vlan 10 for network Management, vlan 1000 for discards, and vlan 999 for trunking.
So ideally, I want all the switches to use the same ports for network management, so was thinking for instances that I would always assign ports fa1 for trunking, and ports fa2 and fa3 for Network management, and I would do this on all swicthes to be consistent.
I do have a vlan plan, but I am struggling with getting some sort of consistency, and am not sure the plan is the best. Apart from the 3 basic vlans, (trunking, discarding, and network management), would you then limit the vlans on the switches? Currently I seem to have a lot of vlans on different switches which seems to be a mess.
I am using the C3560 switch as it has 24 ports.
When you build the network do you start by making sure the switches can talk to each other , or do you configure each switch with its vlan first?

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