Network drive issues on home network


Actually users will face network slowness issues on network drives when they are connected to home network along with Cisco VPN. Here this is an issue with all users. is this a bandwidth issue ?


Hello Sonti

It is difficult to diagnose network slowness without more information. However, here are some thoughts that may be helpful in your troubleshooting process.

You mentioned a VPN. In general, because VPNs add overhead to communication, there will be a slight slowdown in transmission. If you are accessing the network drives via a VPN, then you may see some degradation in performance.

Secondly, if everyone is experiencing this slowness rather than a single user, then you should consider what network configurations are affecting all users? Do you have QoS, policing, or shaping configured somewhere? Are there many collisions taking place on some segment of the network that may be causing slowdowns? Is there a bottleneck somewhere in the network design where much traffic is being sent through causing a slowdown? Are users simultaneously connecting to the network storage thus increasing the traffic being used at any particular time?

Finally, in such situations, a network monitoring system (NMS) is always very important. This gives you visibility into what is happening in your network so you can diagnose and pinpoint the problem in such situations. There are many free options as well as paid ones that you can look at.

These are all questions you should be attempting to answer to determine where the problem is. Let us know some more information about your particular problem so that we can help you further.

I hope this has been helpful!